The Cure for Committee-itis
The Keys to Innovation
The Answer to the Question “Why?”
The Right Solution
to the Right Problem
It Starts with "Why?"

ReVision™ has changed the way we approach our clients’ marketing. It lets us make sure we tackle the real problems, in ways no one has thought of before, and ensures that our plans are innovative, customer-focused, and fully embraced by our clients’ teams.

ReVision means the difference between good advertising and great marketing… the difference between breakthrough creative tactics and a market-changing strategy… and the difference between just doing something and doing something that works.

The Benefits of ReVision

ReVision Testimonials

The process was unlike anything I had seen before. It takes everyone’s ideas, then consolidates them and gets everyone to agree to the major issues to address first. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who serves on any Board as a way to build consensus on priorities to be addressed.

Phillip Burnette, Kerr-Vance Academy

Our company had grown stagnant and needed a facelift and a reboot. ReVision gave us a new perspective, and Carney & Co. gave us a new position in the marketplace.

Jim Skilton, President, Southern Corrosion

The ReVision process let us take off the blinders and allowed for a much more open look at what we could be than I thought possible.

Dixon Fleming, The Rudy Theatre

This is the best process I’ve known to solve problems innovatively; to create something new, something different, and to stand out.

John Heeden, SVP Marketing, Southern Bank

Carney & Co. has re-positioned our company as a leader in innovation while maintaining our commitment to tradition, family and Christian values that have defined our company since 1943.

Trey Braswell, President, Braswell Family Farms

The ReVision for Gill’s Process Control was eye opening. It changed the way we manage sales, present ourselves and our entire perception in the marketplace. The results have been astounding.

John Gill, President, Gill’s Process Control

We know what we want to be to our customers, but knowing how to transcend it and present ourselves as unique in a fairly commodified industry has been challenging. This process helped us uncover our value proposition.

Sondra McCorquodale, SVP, Southern Bank

I have worked with a lot of agencies from New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Richmond, and Washington,DC and I have never been this satisfied, if not blown away, by the creative aspects of the work as well as the spot on fit with our vision. It’s exciting!

Judy Rollins, Vice President of Enrollment Services and Marketing, NC Wesleyan College

I heard Mr. Carney speak about marketing at a Chamber event. He said some very valuable things. I had to go and immediately make a change about how we spoke to our customers about who we are as a business.

Kimberly Thigpen, Founder & Chief Soap Artisan, The Bath Place

I have been amazed at the level of commitment your company has to our mission and vision. North Carolina Wesleyan is proud to have you on our team.

Dr. Dewey G. Clark, President of North Carolina Wesleyan College